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2018 Black Gloves Youth Selection for worlds NZ Black Gloves youth selection Trials

ROC Muaythai Tapo, Tapo, N Mar 24, 2018 - Mar 24, 2018


Event ended
Mar 24, 2018

32 Nukuhau st, Tapo, N, NZ

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The NZMT nationals are a tournament style event. All bouts are in accordance with IFMA rules

National team Selection 24th March Taupo

The event is the biggest tournament on the NZMT calender. It is a fantastic opportunity to compete with people from all over New Zealand and have the opportunity to represent their country . It is a great experience. Many competitors get more than one bout and vastly increase their competition experience by attending.

The event is open to Juniors from 10 -17 years. . All bouts are matched after the first weigh in. If you fail to make weight, at anytime, you are disqualified. PROOF OF AGE IS REQUIRED ON REGISTRATION AND WEIGH IN. PASSPORT OR BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

Registration is for the competition only. All other administration and logistics is at your our expense.

The tournament is for all NZMT competitors. You will be matched with anyone in your division regardless of experience. The entry form has fight records and we can advise of the experience level of your division after people have entered. All bouts are strictly controlled and safety is paramount. This is not a novice competition however in the junior divisions the experience can vary considerable between divisions and ages. Please consider carefully your entry and discuss your competitiveness with your trainer.



Juniors - Age group's are based the age of the entrant as at 1 Aug 2018 - the Junior World Championships. Minimum age is 10 years as at 1 Aug 2018. Max age is 17 years as at 1 Aug 2018.

Eligibility - NZMT Nationals is open to members of NZMT registered Clubs only. If you wish to enter - you must join an MTA club or get your club to join the MTA.

Registration Fee - $20.00 per athlete -family $30.00

Registration is per athlete. It is payable (non refundable) whether there is a bout or not. It is also payable if the entrant doesn't make weight.

Drug testing: The NZMT is a member of WADA. Random entrants may be drug tested during the event. IFMA guidelines for anti-doping are available at:

Medical Requirements. A medical for the event is required. It MUST be presented at registration with proof of age and identity. Blood tests are required for anyone 16 and over, on the original form, that are dated no less than 3 months from the event. Pregnancy tests are required for females who are 16 and over. Form is available at:


Trainers - NZMT Head Instructors get one free entry. Teams with less than 5 entries get 2 trainer entries. Teams with more than 5 athletes get 4 trainer entries.


Weight Divisions - As per IFMA weight divisions. Your selection in the New Zealand Squad and consideration for the New Zealand Team will be based on the weight division you enter. If you make it in the New Zealand Team, you have to be able to compete at the world championships in the weight division you are selected for! World Championships are spread over many days and require you to weigh in on the day you compete.

Event Waiver - is required to be completed on sign in or bring signed copy to event registration.


Saturday 24th March .

  • Weigh in 7.00am - 8.00am
  • Officials briefing - 10:30am (compulsory)
  • Athletes Briefing -11.00am
  • Doors open to public 12pm
  • Bouts commence 12:30pm
  • Draw for Night show is done at the completion of Day show .

Saturday 24th March evening show

  • Bouts commence 5:30pm

New Zealand Team selection: Winning nationals is a selection event. Gold medal winners maybe in the squad but must fulfill other criteria before final selection. Juniors compete in one open division regardless of experience and must be able to meet the weight and age requirements for the world championships.

* Winning Your division is only part of the selection process,2018 we are doing a tiered selection process ,winning your category you are is only part of the process but puts you as a strong candidate ,merit is also given to attendance at Blackglove camps and merit throughout the year.

Policy for selection


  • 1 day. Adults - $25. Juniors 6 - 15 years - $10. Juniors 5 an under free. ID may be requested.

Common Questions.

What if I have no one in my weight division? You have 2 options. 1. Win the division by walk over. 2. Enter in the weight division up and compete. If you enter the weight division above, you forfeit the win in the weight division you entered. If you win the weight division above you get selected in the NZ Team squad for the division you win. You may be considered for the weight division you entered if preferred but this is not guaranteed.

What equipment do I need? You are required to have a mouth guard. Females above 14 are required to wear chest guards and groin guards. Males are required to wear a groin guard. Gloves, Head gear, elbow guards, shin guards are supplied.

What clothing do I fight in? Muaythai shorts are mandatory. Shorts must match the corner you are fighting from or be neutral. Females must fight in a crop top. Males can fight with no shirt.

Wai Kru? All fighter MUST wear a Mongkon into the ring, ceil the ring and be prepared to compete. Due to strict time restrictions it is requested that Wai Kru be very short or just be prepared to compete. World Championships have a Wai Kru division so if you feel you have an impressive Wai Kru (and win a gold medal) please advise your NZMT member.

Corner person - Maximum of two corner people are allowed. They must stay in their chairs during the round and behave professionally or the fighter will be disqualified.

Female weigh in - All females will weigh under the supervision of a female official. No males will be allowed in the female weigh in tent.

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